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Collecting Data In Innovative Ways


Strategic Artifex Market Research enhances the data collection process with live web streaming for client viewing from anywhere in the world.  We also have a full-service production staff with over 20 years of world-wide experience.  Through our research analysis and market strategy concepts, our combined storytelling expertise delivers meaningful results with authentic representative data. Giving you the information you need to make better informed decisons about your products and services. 


  • Face-to-Face/One-on-One interviews

  • Call center research 

  • In-Depth qualitative interviews

  • Pre-recruits 

  • Data collection in multiple languages 

  • Survey and observation method

  • Mini Focus groups

  • Web surveys 

Types of Studies

  • Taste tests prepared in fully functioning kitchens 

  • Packaging tests

  • Concept tests

  • Shelf impression displays

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Brand equity 

  • Concept testing

  • Marketing effectiveness 

  • Segmentation research 

  • Pricing research 

  • Product usage tests

Fully Integrated Video/Live Web Streaming and High Definition Production Staff  

  • HD 1080i and 720p web broadcasting

  • Sony A7Sii DSLR Cameras for live streaming & interviewing platform with multi-cam production 

  • Mac and PC-based programming

  • Coding with latest sampling databases

  • Full Production staff with over 20 years of world-wide experience in national commercials, international documentaries, episodic television, national network news, marketing, branding, and entertainment content: Walt Disney, Disney Cruise Lines, Universal Studios, Pottermore. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Reuters, BBC, and ESPN among others.     

Our market research commercial at Old Town USA 

Live web-streaming market research  

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