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targeted demographics, venue and site flexibility


Venue and Site Flexibility -

Demographic Variety with 

Quality Results

    The Quintessential Research Setting



    with Dozens of Research Venues




Strategic Artifex Market Researchers use of systematic data collection methodolgies not only helps us stay ahead of the shifting market dynamics, we are able to provide you an ideal environment to do it in.  


While our main office is headquartered in the heart of Central Florida - the theme park capital of the world - our research venues are located in over two-dozen sites across the state from Daytona Beach to Tampa.  That "venue variety" allows us, not only the flexibility to move from coast to coast, it also helps us meet your specific targeted demographics year round. 

Pointe Orlando
Westgate Lakes
UCF Daytona
Castle Hotel
UCF Orlando
Old Town USA
Florida Mall
UCF Tampa
Florida Hotel
Simon Properties
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