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With over 40 years of experience collectively, the Strategic Artifex team finds creative solutions in market research by customizing projects to fit within your test specifications.  We are a full-service market research company, testing products for Fortune 500's. With access to a national sample, Strategic Artifex executes the entire project with accurate and reliable data; helping develop questionnaires for complex projects with sophisticated demographic demands, and customizing in-person-cost-effective data research.  All of which, allows our team to deliver quality data collection for some of the most recognized brands in the world.


Qualitative and Quantitative In-Person Sampling


  • Wide ranging demographics

  • Broad ethnic sample within the Hispanic, Asian, and African American communities 


High Quality Data Collection:

  • Yielding large quota studies quickly and efficiently

  • Experienced staff proficient in multiple languages 

  • Capable of conducting hundreds of interviews daily

  • Customizing locations for each specific project

  • Reducing client travel

  • Saving costs on coordination time

  • Logistical organization 

Whether you're building strategic framework or evaluating competing scenarios, Strategic Artifex Market Research recognizes the difficulties you face in finding affordable solutions for customized complex research projects.  We've solved that problem for you with creative focus and innovative solutions from some of the most experienced team members in the market research industry.  Our offices and research facilities are located in Central Florida; with over two dozen venues and services stretching across the state from Daytona Beach to Tampa, allowing access to more than 60 million visitors each year.  Our qualified respondents not only come from all fifty states ... but all around the world. Projects tailor-suited to your needs allows for greater efficiency and faster turnaround. Strategic Artifex offers you the highest quality assurance for your project with national and regional representation.     


Strategic Artifex is proud to have been part of the University of Central Florida Incubator Program.  Since 1999, the UCF Business Incubation Program has helped hundreds of local, early-stage companies develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises by providing the tools, training, and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster growth among startup companies.


The business incubation process provides emerging enterprises with a strategic path, a wide array of vital business development services and resources, and on-going guidance, motivation and support that are all individually tailored to help take your company to the next level.  Since its inception, the UCF Incubation Program has brought over $2.5 billion to Central Florida's economy. 

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